The Enashiva Nature Refuge

In the heart of the former Sukenya Farm in northern Tanzania runs a half-mile-long creek lined by whistling and umbrella acacia trees.  Long ago, Maasai cattle herders called the creek Enashiva, the Maasai word for happiness. Today, Thomson Safaris is working alongside the Maasai to conserve this vast wilderness of wooded savannah and open grassland [...] More »


The People of Sukenya

The people of Sukenya are the largest population of Maasai around the Enashiva Nature Refuge, and they have lived in the area longer than any other Maasai clan or community. This is, of course, why the farm came to be called Sukenya. The leaders, elders, women’s groups, and community at large in Sukenya have given their overwhelming support for Thomson Safaris and the Enashiva Nature Refuge project. That support has gradually spread to other communities. More »


The Thomson Safaris Story

Thomson Safaris has a nearly 30-year tradition of providing quality safari experiences in Tanzania while fostering sustainable development and supporting local communities. More »

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